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Professional Services Automation Software Helps With Team Productivity

Managing your team whether it consists of 1 or 100 team members is never straightforward. Grouping different types of people's skillsets with different departments can often lead to clashes, miscommunication, and an impact to productivity. Getting your team on the same page is one thing. But making them work in unison to achieve a common goal is no small feat. No matter how productive your team is - there are ways to take your team's productivity to a whole new level.

Leveraging productivity solutions such as PSA software can help your business improve

productivity, operational efficiency, financial margins, and billable utilization. PSA software improves project and resource management by increasing efficiency through increased collaboration. PSA software also provides you with standardized reports, which help management make key business decisions.

In a nutshell, PSA software enables your teams to manage and measure the delivery of their services, so that they are able to streamline their operations and automate certain processes. In addition, PSA software is an integrated solution and eliminates the need to use separate software applications for various departments. Since PSA software assists you and your teams throughout the project life-cycle, the best solutions have strong core project management functionality and seamless integration with other essential business processes.

Below is 4 ways PSA software can help increase your team's productivity...

Streamline the project life-cycle

PSA software has the ability to manage projects throughout every step of the project life-cycle. This gives you and your team the tools needed to focus on delivering great services to your clients, instead of wasting time on tedious admin tasks. This focus on efficiency means greater time to spend on productive tasks and can have a direct effect on the business's revenue earnings. Additionally, some PSA solutions even have their very own CRM feature built into the software, which can eliminate the need for any manual project setup or configuration adding to increased team productivity.

Optimize resource utilization

PSA software gives you insights on what your team is working on throughout each day. You can use this feature to quickly identify who is working on what is it billable or non-billable, allowing you to close the gap in revenue leakage. Normally you may wait until meetings or a weekly/monthly analysis before you know what's going on, with PSA software your resources tasks can be updated daily for your review. Think about the amount of time you could save and the increase in your team's productivity with this ability.

Collaborate quickly and easily across teams

Good PSA Software combines all departments, offering an effective and natural destination for communication, organizing, and collaboration across the team on a project level or a full business level. With PSA software you can easily move tasks between projects, assign people, upload assets as files, comment, and get the right eyes on the matter. It’s quick, easy, and done within one simple system allowing your team to increase productivity.

Focusing on your best clients

Using a PSA solution that shows all your revenue and cost in real-time, without any data noise, broken down by clients and projects, without any manual processing or spreadsheets, you will quickly see which clients are your cash cows and which ones are draining resources time. As a stakeholder this allows you to significantly increase productivity and bottom-line revenue together in one solution.

Professional services automation software is being used in more industries in today’s project-centric business landscape. A strong project management core with integrated business and collaboration features in a PSA software provide your professional services team with the information on how they are managing projects, which ones are profitable, how to use resources wisely, boost productivity and profits, gain visibility and control, and eventually, see more opportunities to develop and grow the business. It's a no brainer that PSA software is a must in 2020 for boosting productivity across your business!

Also, check out the blog below to learn more...

Trial the PSA Software Built by Service Professionals for Service Professionals!

CrossConcept Continuum goes beyond traditional PSA solutions available today by incorporating cutting-edge UI technology making the solution more user-friendly, resulting in fewer clicks within the solution and time spent logging data. CrossConcept Continuum has been built from the ground up to integrate with all major accounting systems to seamlessly synchronize projects and accounting within one unified system.

Our innovative PSA solution allows organizations to maximize profitability by integrating connecting projects and financial accounting, enabling you to manage all stages of your project from conception to completion and deliver on your promises.

CrossConcept has decades of experience helping service organizations automate their processes. Clients have ranged in size from a handful of people to over thirty thousand. The founder's and team’s real-world experience is what drove and shaped the creation of CrossConcept Continuum.

Our solution is a simple, yet powerful PSA solution built with the end-user in mind - fast, flexible, powerful and user-friendly! We are offering all new clients a free 2-week trial with no contract obligations. This is a great opportunity for any business to try out the solution and decide if PSA software is for you!

To book a free 15-minute consultation, email: or call: 1-888-528-3898 x110.

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