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QuickBooks Integration


The CrossConcept Continuum-QuickBooks integration was built from the ground up with real-world customer input. QuickBooks helps you keep track of the money coming in and out of your business, all in one easy-to-use place.

Connect QuickBooks with CrossConcept Continuum to seamlessly synchronize your projects and accounting. Manage project tasks, budgets, expenses, and invoices in a single solution. So you get clean, accurate financials every time, in real-time.





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Continuum integrates with QuickBooks to provide user's who run their financial accounting in QuickBooks the following features.


  • Manage your projects and tasks in Continuum and track and approve the time and expenses against the projects as well as the materials and billing milestones.

  • Generate the invoices in batch in Continuum in draft and put them for review and approval by the project managers and final committing by finance.

  • Transfer invoices generated in Continuum, and manage your receivables in QuickBooks

  • All invoiced milestones, time, expenses and materials are seamlessly integrated as invoices in QuickBooks



Continuum API



​Continuum was designed from the beginning with an API framework that allows information to flow in and out based on the data touchpoints tailored to your exact needs and process.

Our expert system engineers have created intergrations to all major solutions - as well as proprietary internal systems. If the system has an API - an integration can be built based on existing frameworks to keep information where it should be - in the record of reference solution. 


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