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Need Dedicated Support for your PSA or PPM system?

CrossConcept offer first-line support to answer all your questions

Standard & Premium Support Packages 

Choose from a 50% (standard) and 100% (premium) dedicated resource to support your user base. This is an expert PSA or PPM support consultant that your users have direct access to via phone and email. They know your business & how PSA or PPM system is setup & configured to support your process. This is your first line of support to answer all questions and issues related to your system.


They also have access to project, technical and development consultants as needed. And they interact with your PSA or PPM systems support on your behalf to resolve any functional or system bugs. 

System Audits

Do you feel your PSA or PPM system is running a little sluggish? Or maybe you'd just like to make sure all areas of the application in relation to the infrastructure are set up correctly. We can help!


Our expert technicians do a complete system audit of your network, database, and application-reporting and identifying any bottlenecks in your setup.

Training Services

Need help with doing an upgrade? Or just want some expert advice available as needed while you assess or develop your own customizations? Want to really learn how Report Designer works and how to effectively create your own enterprise level reports?


Our experienced expert developers and trainers can assist you with upgrades, Cognos report training, report designer training, creating custom reports, and developing your own customizations.​

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