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This is why you need PSA SOFTWARE!!

In this blog you will learn why you should implement a Top Project Management PSA Software for your business!

What is a PSA software???

Professional services automation (PSA) is a process where routine tasks and procedures in the professional services industry are automated through a software application or an IT system. Professional services automation involves the creation, termination, and management of a set of processes.

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Why do you need it???

By using a PSA software, you will be able to increase the team productivity. Using a PSA software is the most effective way to control the workflow between every department within your company.

The demands and workflows of a services business are very unique in comparison to most businesses. Your core services/product are your resources, and the skills they bring to delivering projects from conception to completion, so you need a purpose-built solution to support and take the complexity out of your key workflow processes.

Synchronizing your workflows and project management within one software solution will empower your entire services business with:

  • Role-based analytics and dashboards to improve visibility and business insights

  • Automated streamlining of financial management processes and accelerate billing

  • Optimized resource management to plan, track and measure utilization

  • Real-time visibility into project, client, and business line profitability and margins

"When you have the right PSA software, you can manage everything that your staff does within your business"

- Project Hours Planning -

It is easy to manage your Resource planning if you have a system in place.

- Resource Planning -

Each component of your business needs to know where everything is and what is being used. If they don't, then they may end up using different parts of your business system. For example, if you use an inventory system, then your accountant's office and the restaurant staff need to know about it. Without a proper workflow, it can be difficult to manage your business.

This is why a PSA software should be implemented.

PSA software enables your resources to track all of your projects: you can view historical costs, risks, and pay-offs in order to get better insights on how to price in the future. Information is key for the effective management of your service firm, and PSA software provides the answer!

- Opportunity Summary -

This system can help to improve your productivity and the efficiency of your operations.

- Closed Opportunities by Quarter -

A PSA software can organize all of your information into different sections and make it easy to find what you are looking for. With a PSA software, you will have access to all of the information needed to manage your business easily.

- Sum of Planned Hours by Project -

Your organization can also make sure that everyone is getting the information that they need. When you have a PSA system, you will be able to save money, reduce human errors and increase productivity.


See for yourself!

"See Continuum in action and find out how to streamline your project delivery to reduce costs and improve margins"


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