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Achieve a Minimum Saving of 20 Hours per Week on project delivery

Professional service firms (PSFs) are often faced with the challenge of delivering projects on time and within budget. However, many PSFs struggle with this task, and as a result, they lose time and money.

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, 37% of PSFs fail to deliver their projects on time. This means that for every three projects that a PSF starts, one of them will be late.

There are a number of reasons why PSFs struggle to deliver projects on time. One reason is that they often have to juggle multiple projects at the same time. This can make it difficult to keep track of all the different tasks and deadlines.

Here are some additional statistics that support the need for PSFs to improve their project delivery:

  • The average cost of project overruns is $2.8 million.

  • The average time to complete a project is 18% longer than planned.

  • 60% of projects are delivered with defects.

These statistics show that there is a significant opportunity for PSFs to improve their project delivery.

Imagine what you could achieve with an additional 20 hours at your disposal. Increased focus, enhanced planning, and the ability to allocate resources more effectively are just a few of the benefits that come to mind.

This paradigm shift in project management involves rethinking traditional methods, adopting innovative tools, and leveraging technology to your advantage.

Companies that have found innovative solutions and achieved dramatic results

Digital IQ Achieves a Minimum Saving of 20 Hours per Week Using CrossConcept Continuum PSA! "It was affordable while also offering a lot of features. It's fit for our workflow and struck the right balance of capability and cost. The CrossConcept Continuum team was also very helpful and knowledgeable, which gave me confidence we would be able to successfully implement. Everything is now all in one. We can easily manage all our projects across multiple areas." - Lisa Estrada, PMO Manager, Digital IQ

The Problems Faced Digital IQ faced the following issues on a daily basis:

  • Too many documents and systems to get reports sent out correctly and on time

  • No solid solution in place to effectively streamline the management of resources and projects in one integrated solution

  • Lack of transparency in day to day operations of the business

​​ Lisa from Digital IQ said, “We needed to Consolidate several programs (Excel, Teamwork, Harvest) into a single streamlined solution to handle project management, workflow, payroll, and billing all in one place" Digital IQ needed a single unified system to help them automate as a business and focus on what matters. Lisa added, "We evaluated a total of thirteen other PSA solutions and selected CrossConcept Continuum PSA as the preferred solution."

How CrossConcept Continuum Helped Digital IQ now benefits from a number of new advantages, such as:

  • Time savings in status reports and more accuracy and transparency

  • Everything is now all in one. Digital IQ can easily manage all their projects across multiple areas in real-time

  • Tight management of resources and projects across the team

Already seeing cost savings of 20 hours a week from project status reports​

Lisa from Digital IQ added, "CrossConcept Continuum is increasing transparency and project status awareness while streamlining operations. ​CrossConcept Continuum offers ease of use, fantastic reports, all in one solution that fits our needs and price point. Implementation was fast and easy to do!"


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