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PSA Software for Small Businesses in North America

Does your small business need a PSA solution to automate operations? Are you shocked by the current cost of implementation and licence fees? Look no further! Continuum is the newest PSA solution on the market designed specifically for small businesses.

What is PSA?

Professional services automation (PSA) is a process through which routine tasks and procedures in the professional services industry are automated through a software application or an IT system.

Professional services automation involves the creation, termination and management of a set of processes. PSA is typically used by project managers, consultants and other service-oriented professionals/businesses.

Professional services automation enables professional workers to manage and execute most tasks associated with their jobs. PSA software is designed for a services industry that relies on the management of knowledge and information in order to provide services to clients or other businesses.

Some industries that may benefit from the implementation of professional services automation software include: management consultancy, marketing services, architecture, computer software services, engineering, accountancy, and advertising. This is a huge market in 2017, it continues to grow rapidly with the introduction of more and more service style startups every day!

Grand View Research released a report in 2015 which highlights the potential growth of PSA over the next decade. The image below presents the predicted growth of the PSA market from 2014 to 2024.

What is the main business value of PSA?

  • Money Saving - this is the most tangible and direct consequence of implementing a modern PSA solution.

  • Eliminating revenue leakage - a good PSA tool will ensure you bill everything you should. This prevents the possibility of doing work for free or overcharging a client.

  • Efficiency - PSA enables you to optimize the delivery of the business and ensure you don’t miss any opportunities, slightly harder and less tangible, but very real nevertheless.

The combination of these three values should both reduce your costs and increase your revenue while allowing you to become more efficient and streamline processes along the way.

PSA software has many more benefits, and ultimately it is concerned with helping businesses achieve immediate results by streamlining, integrating and automating processes. PSA software can improve project and resource management, accuracy of invoices and time-keeping as well as revenue recognition, overall performance and profitability. With real-time actionable insights, PSA software can reduce errors and save you time by performing many administrative functions automatically. It can also be used to improve and elevate customer relationships, leading to return clients and higher levels of communication.

Does one size fit all?

Unfortunately, PSA software is dominantly designed with large organizations in mind. Small and mid-size organizations rely on spreadsheets to capture time, expense, and manage resources. SMBs are aware and actively looking for solutions that enable automation and streamline processes. The bad news is small businesses continuously find themselves at a dead end when realizing the outrageous price of PSA software.

PSA developers and vendors mandated purchasing expensive licenses to use their solutions, often with high up-front implementation costs. In addition, expensive ongoing annual fees are expected. This prevents the transition from being a viable option for small businesses who would really benefit from a PSA solution.

As a result, unless your business is in the category of medium to large, sophisticated enterprise class software like PSA is out of reach due to budgetary constraints. Unfortunately, this means small business have to settle for trickle-down technology that often comes without the streamlining ability of enterprise level PSA - leaving SMB in the dark!

CrossConcept Continuum was born!

CrossConcept Continuum has been specifically designed with a focus towards small to medium-sized businesses in the Professional Services industry. Our Saas PSA solution offers the same cutting-edge enterprise level capabilities at affordable prices and implementation costs. With CrossConcept Continuum your organization has the ability to run core business operations including project management, resource optimization, project accounting, time and expense management, and billing and revenue forecast reporting.

No longer will SMB be left in the dark. Our new software allows SMB to finally compete with the big brands without spending a small fortune on automation software.

To book a demo or find out more on how Continuum can help your SMB scale, contact us today! (email: or call: 1-888-528-3898)

Image Source - Grand View Research. (2015). Professional Service Automation (PSA) Software Market Report, 2024. Available: Last accessed 10/24/2017.

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