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Trillium Software, now part of Syncsort, is a leading, global enterprise Data Quality solutions provider. Trillium has been rated a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for DQ Tools. Trillium has been recognized for their dedicated DQ focus and the strength of core DQ capabilities, including profiling, parsing, standardization and matching.

Trillium's dedicated employees are the reason why they are the leading DQ solutions provider in the world. No one else in the market has as much DQ experience and knowledge - and no other organization provides a fully flexible DQ solution that can be integrated into how you actually do business on a day to day basis. Trillium's expertise has enabled them to solve thousands of DQ challenges for their clients in a wide range of industries and locations over the past 20 years.

CrossConcept got the opportunity to question Trillium's Business Services Operation Manager, Mary Rogers. Mary spoke on behalf of Trillium’s Professional Services team’s experience working with the CCI team.

What problems were Trillium Software experiencing before working with CrossConcept?

"Trillium’s global services operational procedures for services engagements were a fairly manual process using disparate applications and resources. There was no comprehensive line of sight to the services business and certainly no consistent cross-geographic line of sight. Managing services opportunities, invoicing, resource management, time tracking and reporting was inefficient and costly to the growing business.

A newly hired SVP of Global Services came on-board and I was tasked to find and implement a PSA system that would fulfill the team’s global needs. A member of our finance team had used Changepoint at a previous company and strongly encouraged us go with it.

We did our due diligence and looked at three additional PSA systems. Changepoint was by far the winner due to functionality, ability to manage the entire life-cycle of an engagement, scalability, pricing and ease of use. We first contacted Changepoint directly and due to the size of our company we were referred to CrossConcept, Inc. My manager and our legal team worked with Fraser Willis, our CCI Account Executive, on the initial contracts."

How does CrossConcept's services & solutions help Trillium operate as a business?

"The Trillium Global Services team was able to streamline their services engagement life cycles, making life easier for the consultants on a daily basis; we were able to provide senior management with forecasting and revenue reports in a much timelier manner; and it significantly reduced time spent on invoicing cycles.

All in all, it freed resources at various levels of the organization to focus more on revenue-generating tasks than admin tasks and gave us a more comprehensive view into our business."

In your opinion, what is the best thing about working with CrossConcept?

"The team. Working with the CCI team was the best thing. Being as this was my first experience working with a 3rd party solution provider, I was extremely apprehensive and anxious. Then Renée Schettini and Afsheen Qureshi walked into my office and eased all my fears and concerns. Renée is the ultimate project manager – she provided guidance, direction and especially encouragement on every aspect of our implementation from initial scoping sessions to go-live. She kept our project plan up to date, hosted our status calls and kept the project on track and kept me motivated, which was no small feat.

Afsheen provided technical support and worked with us on customizing the Changepoint application to fit our unique business needs. Account Executive, Fraser Willis, developed a perfect cadence as to when to check in and when to leave us alone. It was interesting for me to be on the other side of receiving services from a vendor as opposed to providing services to our Trillium customers and working with CCI provided insight on how I can improve my ability to provide services to my customers."

What would they say to anyone considering doing business with CrossConcept? Would you recommend us?

"Run, don’t walk, do not pass Go. Do not collect $200 dollars, go directly to CrossConcept if you want your project to be successful. Don’t waste time shopping around for other vendors. CCI has the experience, the expertise and the right resources to make your implementation successful. Being a smaller shop, I felt that they were all a part of my team and that I had access to whomever I needed, whenever I needed them.

Everyone I dealt with made me feel as though I was their only client and that my success was their success. Once we went live CCI didn’t walk away. Fraser and Renée continued checking in even when we were in maintenance mode."

Is there anything they’d like to add? "My CCI team set the bar quite high when providing customer service and I have no doubt that had we gone with another vendor we would not have been as successful with our project. I mentioned this before, but the guidance, encouragement and support I received from Renée and Fraser went above and beyond!"

To book a demo or find out more on how our cutting-edge digital solutions can help your business scale, contact us today! (email: or call: 1-888-528-3898)

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