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One Solution. Best Practice Project Delivery for Legal Firms.

We help you implement best practice project delivery to reduce costs and improve margins

How CrossConcept Continuum PSA Supports Legal Firms


In order to effectively maximize revenue at a law firm, stakeholders need a solution to measure and improve the key financial metrics such as lawyer billability, invoicing cycle times, and credit lines - that drive business profitability. CrossConcept Continuum allows legal firms to do exactly that by centralizing time and expense capture, billing, resources, and client relationship management into a single unified cloud-based solution with powerful real-time reporting capabilities. 


In today's overcrowded marketplace, the number of individual lawyers and firms continue to exceed the amount of available work, the competition for new business gets tougher every day. In addition, globalization of the legal market is making the use of online and offshore legal vendors to become more common. Legal firms must invest heavily in marketing advertisements and digital strategies just to stay relevant in today's marketplace.

To overcome the changing marketplace, legal firms need to leverage PSA solutions such as CrossConcept Continuum PSA to effectively save time, maximize profits, and expand their practice. PSA software will ensure you stay ahead of the competition. The legal industry is constantly changing, CrossConcept Continuum was designed to help law firms respond better and prepare for the future.

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The Power Inside CrossConcept Continuum PSA

Easily & Efficiently Track Your Teams Time & Expenses


Make time tracking an integral time management tool for your team instead of a necessary evil. Allow your team to instantly see the time and expenses associated with projects. Get real-time profitability and resource allocation insight.

For billable services organizations, expense management is critical. Allow your team to capture expenses with a simple intuitive interface both on the web and remotely ensuring every entry is accurate and on time.


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Gain Granular Insights & Visibility into Resources

A resource dashboard showing your entire team’s allocation allows you to efficiently level resource demand on projects that are work in progress in addition to future opportunity projects in the pipeline.


Proactively ensure that the right resources are working on the right tasks based on real-time project timelines and projections early in the project lifecycle. Manage your most complex project resource requirements easily.

Reduce your Invoice to Cash Cycle with  Integrated Billing & Invoicing

Eliminate the confusion and overhead of your billing process with integrated invoicing. Reduce your invoice cycle from days to hours. Create invoices in batch and send them to accounting solutions like QuickBooks in minutes.

You're already tracking your fixed fee milestones, time, bill rates, and expenses. With integrated invoicing, you can now simply email your customers the minute they're approved.

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Deliver Your Projects Predictably & Consistently

Enable your project team to collaborate on projects and maintain real-time and accurate project status throughout the project life cycle. Your managers can proactively identify and resolve potential issues in the early stages of a project and do a lessons learned based on actual effort once completed to improve future projections. 

Eliminate the overhead and frustration of chasing down updates from team members. The result is a significantly improved and streamlined project delivery process based on best practice approaches leading to increased billable utilization, project margins and satisfied clients. 


Focused Dashboards & Reports Keep your Team Informed 

Configurable dashboards keep you informed on what’s really going on with your projects in real-time. Align your dashboard to what's meaningful and measurable based on your specific needs and role.
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Track & Manage Your Clients & Leads With Integrated CRM 

Manage your entire sales pipeline including leads prospects, opportunities and customers. Analyze sales performance across the organization and have real-time insight into the work in progress and A/R for any client. Our CRM is fully integrated with all elements of the solution.

Factor in resource demand for opportunities in conjunction with projects in flight and be confident you have the resources needed to effectively deliver. Once opportunities are closed their information can be converted to projects greatly streamlining the sales to project delivery handoff process.



Run Your Business on the Go with our Mobile Apps


Simplify time and expense entry for your team with a mobile time and expense tracking app for both iOS and Android. Make it simple and easy for your team to keep up to date with time and expenses while on the road.

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