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CrossConcept Continuum PSA Streamlines JobFairy's Recruitment Business!


"We implemented the solution 12 weeks ago and already noticing an amazing ROI. We have seen a calculated revenue increase of 21% over a 12 week period of using this solution. This is reflected in how our entire process is now streamlined, saving us significant time to focus on what's important"​


- John McGuigan, Owner,


The Background is a Canadian career site established in 2017 for job seekers, employers, and recruitment professionals. The business offers recruitment services to help connect the right candidates to the right careers. In addition, they have an online platform which allows candidates to publish their resume and employers to publish job openings - free of charge.


Their team consists of human resources specialists with years of proven experience in the industry working with large organizations under the HR divisions.

The Problems

Offering recruitment consulting services left JobFairy with the following issues:


  • Unable to effectively track the time their consultants spent on clients


  • Billing clients proved cumbersome without an integrated system to generate invoices associated with their consultants worked hours


  • No insight into consultant availability or options to assign resources to clients electronically


John Mc Guigan of JobFairy said, “as the business grows we find it very difficult to know where the business is at and where to take it. In order to grow and save costs, we needed a system to  manage our resources, time, and invoicing"


JobFairy recognized they needed to evolve their business in order to streamline operations and satisfy customer demand efficiently and professionally. The company evaluated many PSA solutions and selected CrossConcept Continuum PSA as the preferred solution.

How CrossConcept Continuum Helped

CrossConcept Continuum PSA offers JobFairy a number of advantages, such as:


  • Time & expense tracking - All resources can now effectively schedule and track their time and expenses

  • Project management - Senior staff can see, monitor and manage project status anytime, anywhere

  • Resource management - Senior staff can ensure the right resources are working on the right projects, based on real-time project timelines as the project evolves

  • Billing & invoicing - They can now create automated invoices for clients as CrossConcept Continuum is now tracking time, customer rates and expenses

  • Real-time reports - They can now see and prove their team’s value and contribution in seconds


John from JobFairy added, "As a business, we loved how easy it was to implement, learn, and use the solution. The UI is modern and intuitive which we love as a creative team. We now have a tight grip on our growing business with critical insights on where we are today as a business, and where we need to take it."





"We have seen a calculated revenue increase of 21% in a 12 week period of using this solution. This is reflected in how our entire process is now streamlined"

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