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Dashboards & Reports

Our Approach

Continuum's Dashboard module provides stakeholders and team members with a 360° view of their organization at a glance. With real-time analytics you can quickly check in on project progress, health, resource levels, utilization, and financial performance without the need to search through a list of complex reports.

With the Dashboard module you gain instant insight into critical business data, metrics and trends that affect your project delivery, client reporting, financial management and sales pipeline. Real-time analytics allows you to customize the displayed information helping you make informed decisions and ensures the right people receive the right information at the right time.

Reporting on past performance is key for lessons learned but our earned value approach also allows you to proactively forecast financial and demand information months into the future.

Dashboard Project.png

The Benefits

Dashboards automatically compile the data you need and presents it in a portfolio of graphs and charts to help you make better, fact-based decisions about your business. CrossConcept Continuum Dashboard benefits include:

  • Predict your business’s turnover at a glance

  • Create highly visual dashboards in the form of charts and graphs that are refreshed automatically

  • Understand and act on utilization trends in your business without the need of manual reports

  • Calculate custom metrics to match how your organization measures performance

  • Consolidate information from multiple systems in one single view

  • Share performance information across the organization in real-time

Easy to customize dashboards keep you informed about what’s really going on with your projects in real-time. Set your dashboard as your home page and you can see and prove your team’s value and contribution in seconds.

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