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Canadian Car Club increase utilization by 25% using CrossConcept Continuum PSA!


“CrossConcept Continuum has completely transformed how we manage our department’s workflow. We can now see a clear path thanks to the increased accuracy of our work capacity views. This allows us to better estimate personnel needs in real-time” 


- Gary Whittingham, President, Canadian Car Club



The Background

Canadian Car Club is a wholesale membership service that provides its valued members with amazing offers not available to the general public. They have partnered with some of the top brands and service providers to provide unbelievable value to their members. Canadian Car Club can also help their clients achieve better cost control over office or mobile phone expenses and hardware.


Their Managed Mobility Team has over 25 years experience in the Telecom industry. They offer a full suite of products, services, billing analytics, security, devices, accessories and repair available on all 3 of Canada's wireless networks (Telus, Bell, Rogers) for consumer and Enterprise CCC members across Canada.



The Challenges

Canadian Car Club faced the following issues on a daily basis:


  • Struggled with real-time visibility into resources, profit margins, expenses, and billing  


  • Unable to effectively and efficiently track their resources time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis


  • Management had no real view into financials leaving them unable to see how they were doing against budget


CEO Gary Whittingham wanted one system that would track all the moving pieces. “No one product really solved all of those problems and kept everything in the right place,” Gary said.


Eventually, Gary looked for one product that did it all: project management, collaboration, resource management, billing and invoicing, and metrics and reporting. That search led Gary to CrossConcept Continuum PSA.

How CrossConcept PSA Helped

CrossConcept Continuum PSA now offers Canadian Car Club a number of advantages, such as:


  • Management has real-time visibility into the day to day operations of the business


  • Resources are now been fully utilized throughout the entire business. They also have access to a to a single collaborative system to log their worked hours on a daily basis


  • All processes are more efficient, allowing the business to effectively take on more accounts and expand the business


  • The billing process has been fully automated. No more re-entering of data or undercharging clients


Gary added, "With the improvement in usability, we quickly found out that resources were not working on the tasks that they should have been working on and so we were able to address this promptly. CrossConcept Continuum gives us visibility into projects to understand what resources were actually working on. This led to a monthly calculated increase of 25% in utilization. 


In addition, the reports are incredibly accurate and insightful. We now have  access to all the key metrics at the touch of a button"



"CrossConcept Continuum gives us visibility into projects to understand what resources are actually working on. This led to a monthly calculated increase of 25% in utilization."

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