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Automate the Project Management Life Cycle

Finding it difficult to keep multiple projects in motion? Automate the four stages of the project management life cycle with Project Management Solution Software!

Whether you are implementing a software roll out, building an office or organizing a work trip, any project will go through similar stages. No matter what project you’re preparing for, the project management life cycle can be used to assist you and your team in narrowing the project's focus, keeping it's objectives in order and finishing the project on time, on budget and with a minimum of upsets.

Every project should have at least four phases of development. Having a crystal clear understanding of the four phases will allow project managers and executives the ability to maintain control of the project more efficiently. Let’s look at each of those stages in a bit more detail.

Project Initiation Phase

The initiation phase involves starting up the project, by documenting a business case, feasibility study, terms of reference, appointing the team and setting up a Project Management Office. Once the recommended solution is approved, a project is initiated to deliver the approval solution and a project manager in appointed. The major deliverable and resource works groups are quickly identified and the project begins to take shape. Once satisfied, the project manager passes approval and the planning phase can begin.

Planning Phase

The planning phase is where the project is broken down into manageable areas of work and planned in terms of time, resources and costs. This is a continuous process and will continue throughout the execution phase of the project. The project can be broken down into milestones, basically any major update in the project, from putting together a team to completion of tasks that make up the project plan. The main purpose of this phase is to plan time, costs, and resources adequately to measure the work needed and to effectively manage risk.

Execution Phase

The execution phase is when the work from the planning phase is put into motion and the project work begins to perform. It's important to maintain control and keep in communication throughout this phase. During this phase progress is monitored and necessary changes are put in in place and

recorded as adjustments from the initial plan. The project manager uses information to maintain control over the direction of the product by measuring the performance of project activities and comparing results. During the execution phase project management software will play a key role in streamlining the management of the entire project life cycle.

Close-Out Phase

The close-out phase is vital in the completion of any projects life cycle. Once you’ve completed a project, you can’t move on to the next one without dealing with the paper work. That means closing out all your contracts, making sure the team and vendors have all been paid and getting that paperwork signed and filed. The last remaining step is to conduct lessons learned studies to examine what went well and what didn't. Through analysis the experience is transferred back to the organisation for reference during future projects.

With the right PPM solution, it’s easier to keep project portfolios on track. The result? Realizing what projects to work on, what to invest in, and what to divest. The benefit? Finding the right room to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

Spreadsheets. 63% of organizations are still using them—leading to poorly allocated resources, doubling data entry, and making it harder to communicate project status.

CrossConcept have the solution...

Today’s PPM (Project Portfolio Management) and PSA (Professional Services Automation) tools are designed to integrate with multiple core systems to eliminate double data entry while optimizing the use of resources through a real-time view of project and resource status.

CrossConcept's PPM/PSA solutions are designed with the entire project life cycle in mind. Manage vital project documents online, create project plans with Gantt charts, collaborate with stakeholders and your team, and monitor your projects in real-time.

For complete PPM/PSA implementation, training, customization and support - CrossConcept has you covered!

We have decades of experience around project management best practices, business process,

custom development, sales management and more. We don't just implement and let our clients know how a solution can be configured. We take pride in getting to know our clients' business and recommend the best practice solution to fit their needs based on years of real world experience.

We truly believe our clients' success is our success!

To book a demo or find out more on how our cutting-edge digital solutions can help your business scale, contact us today! (email: or call: 1-888-528-3898)

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