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Changepoint's Daptiv has an App for that!

Daptiv by Changepoint has released a new functionality to optimize workflow and project management. Embracing the ever growing dependency on mobile devices, Daptiv TTM is a mobile app that will keep you and your team organized no matter where you are.

The multi-platform function allows you to work on various devices picking up where you left off if you need to switch the device. This new functionality will allow teams to track tasks better, submit timesheets, your stakeholders will get a more accurate view of project status, and initiatives move forward on time and on budget.

Changepoint’s Daptiv TTM is available on any device allowing you to switch effortlessly between devices to carry on your work without any worry.

Changepoint's Daptiv is currently running its Early Adopter Program to allow people to test out the App and see how it can elevate the management of your projects. To see if you qualify for the Early Adopter Program, sign up here:

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