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Evaluate the Performance of your Projects within a Portfolio

How Well are your Project Portfolios Performing?

Having the ability to group projects that have a common set of measurement characteristics can be critical to tracking how well specific lines of business, delivery groups, technical divisions, or geographical areas are performing. Past and real-time data provide measurable metrics to improve project results and project operations, these overall best practice methodologies will assist in establishing project success within your organization.

Having a single system of record that provides consistent project evaluation and reporting can make the difference in losing valuable resource efficiency and utilization in creating manually calculated reports to provide to key stakeholders.

Questions to consider:

Does your current system of record provide you with the ability to link the customer’s satisfaction back to a specific project, customer, and portfolio after the project has been completed?

Can project managers within your organization create a portfolio summary to monitor their projects and then rollup up the portfolio to get an overall view of how they are performing?

Would providing executives and key stakeholders real time metrics on overall project portfolio health be valuable to your organization?

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