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A Unified Solution to Centralize Your Work

Companies choose Continuum PSA to build workflows, plan projects, manage resources, and automate billing – all in one place.

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How it works

Key features

Integrated CRM and billing system

Get a complete overview of all accounts and automate invoice generation.

Resource and project management

Monitor productivity and expenses across teams, projects, and employees.

Advanced real-time reporting

Track KPIs and measure progress with real-time data and custom dashboards.

Benefits for businesses

Automated workflows and improved margins

Manage the entire sales pipeline and build customer relationships that last.

Reduced project costs and delivery times

Simplify and streamline project planning – from scoping to performance analysis.

Enhanced project and resources control

Run projects and allocate resources efficiently for maximum business impact.

Customer success stories

With Continuum PSA, Canadian Car Club
increased utilization by 25%.

Digital IQ achieved an average saving of 20 hours per week on project delivery

JobFairy increased revenue by 21% over a 12 week period

Customer Success Stories


Erika Suazo,Project Manager, SCL Health

“CrossConcept helped SLC Health become more efficient in resource management and project governance. Any time we had an issue or requested additional services, the team was quick to provide the support we needed.“


Lisa Estrada, Project Manager, Digital IQ


Michiko N., Manager,GSS Operations, Hitachi Vantara


“CrossConcept Continuum struck the right balance of capability and cost. The team is helpful and knowledgeable, ensuring successful implementation. We can now easily manage all our projects across multiple areas.”

“CrossConcept’s PSA provided business consultations to help us quickly achieve our objectives. The team’s deep knowledge of PSA and open and collaborative approach were vital to develop complex logic and supporting reports.”