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Time & Expense Management Module

Our Approach

Continuum centralizes your time and expense entry for precise, real-time visibility into project status. That allows more time to be spent effectively delivering projects and less time on the overhead task of tracking down details.

Your team has a simple and efficient  solution to capture project time and expenses providing greater financial accuracy, improved resource management and real-time financial reporting. Seamlessly integrated with all other modules in the system it enables your team to collaborate with greater efficiency.

Whether tracking billable, non-billable or PTO time the module drives accurate utilization metrics and accelerates project invoicing. You can instantly see the time and expenses associated with any project real-time. See time across teams, projects and individual employees for real-time profitability and resource utilization reporting metrics.

Time Schedule.png

The Benefits

The Time & Expense module allows you to:​

  • Make sound decisions based on real-time, accurate project time and cost data

  • Differentiate between types of time including billable, non-billable and PTO time

  • Track all comments to describe the details on time entered

  • Support both your part time and full time employees to accurately log hours worked

  • Time-sheet and expenses can be approved or rejected by managers and stakeholders

  • Full access for your managers & stakeholders to reopen and edit time-sheets and expense claims 

  • See receipt attachments associated with logged expenses

Quick and easy time entry allows your team to efficiently update effort spent on project and administrative tasks. In a professional services organization, expense management is crucial. Continuum allows your team to capture all expenses using a simple solution ensuring every entry is accurate and on time.

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