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PSA Software: Why It Makes Spreadsheets Obsolete!

In this week's blog, we take a look at spreadsheets and why they are such an outdated method for service firms in 2020!

It's 2020 and believe it or not, many service-based businesses still heavily rely on spreadsheets to manage processes! Companies use these spreadsheets to model and manipulate data sets, create graphical visualizations, and inform future planning, and decision making. Even though

spreadsheets still play an important role, many businesses are beginning to realize how much time they really consume and are moving away from them, because they feel they limit collaboration, transparency, and visibility; spreadsheets are being replaced for more robust and collaboration-friendly solutions like PSA software. Services business are becoming smarter in their approaches and switching to alternatives after losing money and time due to errors and chaos that comes naturally with spreadsheets.

Service businesses that manage a handful of resources and projects an automation tool likely isn’t significant to keep track of all the resources and project details that lead to accurate project management and completion. Project management from conception to completion using a manual process is a realistic option for small businesses running a relatively low volume of projects, especially if those projects lack complexity and require a small number of resource time.

The Problems With Spreadsheets

No Visualization

With Spreadsheets you see all the raw data at once by default, it’s difficult to interpret what’s important and what’s not. Visualization tools such a PSA software can be used to highlight the important aspects of a data set or results, but in spreadsheets, it’s hard to see the bigger picture. You are missing the point if your team finds it hard to identify the messages or see how the data relates to their day job.

Not Intuitive

The majority of spreadsheet users find it difficult to create complex formulas. Their knowledge is limited to simple functions like "sum", "average "filter" For advanced applications, the average users must turn to co-workers with advanced training. Yet, companies use spreadsheets for a range of business functions and data of all types – and those tiny cells weren’t designed for a lot of detail. That makes spreadsheets cumbersome and awkward to manipulate.

Loss of Data

By default, Spreadsheets aren’t designed to store historical data, so often, in an attempt to keep the size of them manageable, they are “updated” and companies lose their historical data. This makes it difficult for businesses to spot trends over time and compare data across longer timelines.

Collaboration Restraints

It's difficult to share a spreadsheet among many team members. This comes with the risks that data could accidentally be deleted or changed, the spreadsheet that is shared rarely offers data in real-time. Typically, it might get emailed once a week, this again creates the risk of the information getting lost in transition.

Security Risks

Spreadsheets are usually shared around a business via email or via a hard drive, this leaves your business and clients data at risk of security breaches. Even password-protected spreadsheets can be compromised with the right hacking software. Most spreadsheets have no built-in audit trail, so there is no way to record who made the changes or why.

Using one unified solution such as PSA software in place of spreadsheets will allow you to gain real-time data insights that support fast, strong decision-making. Your team can easily and safely share and collaborate on private business and project data at the touch of a button. You can reduce data errors, free up yourself and resources, escalate data entry and administrative time. PSA solution can streamline everything from project management to resources to time and expenses, so you’ll save even more!

Try The Innovative Approach To Spreadsheets With PSA...

CrossConcept Continuum goes beyond traditional PSA solutions available today by incorporating cutting-edge UI technology making the solution more user-friendly, resulting in fewer clicks within the solution and time spent logging data. CrossConcept Continuum has been built from the ground up to integrate with all major accounting systems to seamlessly synchronize projects and accounting within one unified system. Our innovative PSA solution allows organizations to maximize profitability by integrating connecting projects and financial accounting, enabling you to manage all stages of your project from conception to completion and deliver on your promises.

CrossConcept has decades of experience helping service organizations automate their processes.

Clients have ranged in size from a handful of people to over thirty thousand. The founder's and

team’s real-world experience is what drove and shaped the creation of CrossConcept Continuum.

Our solution is a simple, yet powerful PSA solution built with the end-user in mind - fast, flexible, powerful and user-friendly! We are offering all new clients a free 2-week trial with no contract obligations. This is a great opportunity for any business to try out the solution and decide if PSA software is for you!

To book a free 15-minute consultation, email: or call: 1-888-528-3898 x110.

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