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CrossConcept Continuum PSA Software

Professional Services Automation (PSA) gives you the visibility and power to drive revenue growth, improve margins and deliver on your promises.

CrossConcept Continuum is our newest PSA solution specifically designed with a focus towards small to medium sized businesses in the Professional Services industry. Our PSA solution offers the same cutting-edge enterprise level capabilities at affordable prices and implementation costs. With CrossConcept Continuum your organization has the ability to run core business operations including project management, resource optimization, project accounting, CRM, time and expense management, and billing and revenue recognition.

In 2017, there are many options on the market making it a daunting task to evaluate a solution that best suits your business. CrossConcept Continuum is the newest PSA tool on the market and comes with an array of modern and sleek capabilities to suit businesses of all sizes and shapes. In this blog, we highlight the core benefits and values CrossConcept Continuum offers.

Why Choose CrossConcept Continuum? It's Simple...

1. Accelerate teamwork via one system. Give all departments a single source to view and act on talent, project, and financial data.​​

2. Build the right teams for projects and empower your people to grow and shine.​

3. Grow margin by end-to-end operational and financial management, from project and resource management to billing and analytics.

What are the Features of CrossConcept Continuum?

Project Management

provides real-time access to project statuses to keep you in the loop and eliminate the exhausting
task of chasing down update after update from team members.
Time & Expense Tracking
Make time and expense tracking a simple task and not an unnecessary evil. Instantly see the time and expenses associated with any project. Track time across teams, projects and individual employees for real-time profitability and resource allocation insight.
Resource Allocation
With a central dashboard view of your entire organization’s resources, you can better plan for and bid on future projects, make staffing decisions on current tasks, and ensure that everything is done on-time and within budget.
Billing & Invoicing

Eliminate the confusion that often surrounds the billing process with integrated time tracking and invoicing. CrossConcept Continuum creates automated invoices and can be connected with multiple accounting solutions like Quickbooks and more.


Track and manage the entire sales pipeline and customer relationship, analyze sales performance across the organization and keep everything needed for a single client account on a single platform.

The Future of PSA is here...

Sign up for our CrossConcept Continuum Beta program today and deliver end-to-end automation and visibility, gain real-time insights, increase project profitability, maximize billable resource utilization and make informed data-driven decisions.

At CrossConcept, we have decades of experience around project management best practices, business process, custom development, sales management and more! We don't just implement and let our clients know how a solution can be configured. We take pride in getting to know our clients' business and recommend the best practice solution to fit their needs based on years of real world experience.

We truly believe our clients' success is our success!

To book your free consultation or to find out more on how our cutting-edge digital solutions can help your business scale, contact us today! (email: or call: 1-888-528-3898)

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