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Changepoint PSA Software Solutions

Does your business desire end-to-end life-cycle management for faster revenue recognition, better services delivery, and happier clients? CrossConcept have the solution!

People, processes and technology are the cornerstones for business leaders in today’s changing landscape. Unfortunately, maintaining competitive advantage, revenue growth and profitability is increasingly more difficult as business models become more complex.

Businesses now need to work smarter, plan better and manage customer relationships across the entire lifecycle. Sustained success requires moving beyond manual methods and processes, making more informed investment and resourcing decisions and continuing to eliminate inefficiency. The key is better, more efficient management of investments, projects and resources, including product development lifecycles, services delivery and IT initiatives.

Changepoint PSA is an end-to-end professional services automation (PSA) application designed for cost-based projects that mix billing methods and for global engagements that mix a variety of resources. Changepoint offers you complete real-time visibility into projects, investments and resources for informed business planning and financial control. Basically, Changepoint PSA simplifies the management of complex engagements.

CrossConcept has been a certified Changepoint Partner since 2010. As a certified Changepoint Gold re-seller, we can implement Changepoint into your business with several flexible options from cost effective hosted solution geared toward small to medium businesses to full enterprise solution for larger enterprises.

highlighted below are some of the key benefits Changepoint PSA can bring to your business in 2017:

Financial Management

Keep your engagements out of the red and improve cash flow at every step of the lifecycle with real-time financial insight and transparency designed to ensure your organization drives growth.

Contract Management

Ensure the balance of current and future contractual expectations to manage and improve overall financial performance. Enable success with real-time operational and financial guidance.

Resource Management

Create a competitive advantage with a financially driven resource assignment methodology. Ensure the right resource is available at the right time to increase margins and profitability.

Project Management

Manage a client's entire project lifecycle with a comprehensive range of work management functionality, including integrated task management, Gantt charts, workflows, and more. .

Time & Expense Management

Offline and integrated time and expense capabilities designed around the dynamic and mobile millennial expectations results in greater financial accuracy and results.

From identifying the opportunity to contract and project management to invoicing and revenue recognition, Changepoint PSA provides real-time visibility into every stage of the engagement. With custom dashboards and sophisticated work-management capabilities, Changepoint PSA makes it easier to stay on top of initiatives, support customer satisfaction, drive project success, and grow margins.

It’s Time to Streamline…

CrossConcept is the leading third party Changepoint partner and reseller. Changepoint is the market's most comprehensive Professional Services Automation Solution. Nobody knows Changepoint like we do!

We don't just implement and let our clients know how a solution can be configured. We take pride in getting to know our clients' business and recommend the best practice solution to fit their needs based on years of real world experience.

We truly believe our clients' success is our success!

To book a demo or find out more on how our cutting-edge digital solutions can help your business scale, contact us today! (email: or call: 1-888-528-3898)

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