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Poppa G's Wings Increase profitability by 35% using CrossConcept Continuum PSA!


"With CrossConcept Continuum we have tighter processes. We can spend more time on things that matter and create better client experiences. We have seen a 35% revenue increase since implementing earlier this year"


- Carlos Godinho, President, Poppa G's Wings


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The Background

Poppa G's Wings is a Canadian owned, and operated business. They support Canadian Suppliers! With over 40 years experience in the food processing industry.


Poppa G's Wings has developed a unique recipe for cooking chicken wings that, they believe, is gonna knock your socks off!  


Poppa G’s wings are cooked to perfection in their special recipe, made with all natural spices and no additives or preservatives. Individually quick frozen to maintain freshness. 

Making for tender, flavorful, delicious chicken wings!


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The Problems

Poppa G's Wings faced the following issues on a daily basis:


  • Unstructured processes and a system of paper, spreadsheets and ad-hoc communication created huge inefficiencies within business management


  • Lack of real-time information limited in-flight decisions to correct projects and processes going off track


  • Project accounting was a very manual process with reports that took hours to build for clients, the board and other stakeholders


  • Sales lacked insight into Services and financial data leaving them to operate in the dark


Carlos from Poppa G's Wings said, “Tracking resource and finances was a pain due to an extreme lack of visibility into the day to day operations of the business. We were in need of a singular solution to show us where the business is at to help make informed decisions on the spot"


Poppa G's needed a single unified system to help them automate as a business to focus on their product and selling. The company evaluated many PSA solutions and selected CrossConcept Continuum PSA as the preferred solution.

How CrossConcept Continuum Helped

CrossConcept Continuum PSA offers Poppa G's a number of advantages, such as:


  • Providing an unprecedented level of visibility and insight into resource management, business spend and profitability


  • Predictability is key – CrossConcept Continuum provides a more accurate picture of the future, sharpening decision making for Poppa G's


  • New access to real-time data allows for quick course corrections – improving client relationships and overall business profitability


  • An accurate picture of resources drives utilization rates up; staff utilized more effectively, and bench time eliminated


  • Project accounting is transformed with CrossConcept Continuum – manual, hands-on processes are now automated, streamlined and unified making information readily available for stakeholders


Carlos from Poppa G's added "CrossConcept gives us one realistic view of the company. It’s about an accurate picture of the future and making great business decisions in light of real-time data. With better visibility comes results, CrossConcept Continuum PSA has been absolutely pivotal in helping us do that. By understanding where the business is at in real time, we can manage our profitability accurately and efficiently"





"We can spend more time on things that matter and create better client experiences. We have seen a 35% revenue increase since implementing in earlier this year"

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